Okay guys, let’s talk shaving. Remember when you first started shaving and had to have the best new razor and shaving cream that promised you would be feeling like a goddess in no time?! Flash forward to your 20s and your reaching for whatever leftover conditioner you have as shaving cream and can’t really remember the last time you changed your razor blade. Does this sound like you? Because that was definitely the situation going on in my shower, until I found Shaveworks. Shaveworks is a full line of shaving accessories with everything from body oil, lotions, and even a cooling cream to prevent razor burn.

When I received this package in the mail I was skeptical, not going to lie. I was thinking, “Is this really going to make a difference or just be another bottle taking up real estate in my shower?”. Fast forward a month later and I have been converted. I will never shave with anything else other than the Luxe Pearl Body Oil. Not only does the oil make shaving so much easier, but it also leaves your skin SUPER hydrated. Paired with the Luxe Pearl lotion to slow down hair re-growth and you’re good to go! I have not tried the Cool Fix product yet, but have heard amazing reviews about the product used to prevent razor burn and to heal the skin after waxing (definitely will need this for summertime).

You might be thinking that you don’t need another shaving product, but boy are you wrong. Trust me, you won’t regret it and will probably be thanking me later! All products are linked below and can be found linked with the picture on the Shop My Instagram page (here).

Happy shaving 🙂

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