New Home Update

So here’s what happened. We decided to put our house on the market just to see if it might sell. It sold in 6 days! Which meant we had to go looking for a place to live. We were pretty set on the neighborhood we wanted to live in and found the perfect house that had just been framed. So within one month, we sold a house, bought a house, and then moved into Nick’s Nana’s old house on his parents land out in Keatchie, LA. Let me set the scene: my in-laws live WAYY out of town (like 30 miles from anything), on 800 acres of land, surrounded by approximately 200 cows. It’s a beautiful little farm that is not internet/Netlfix friendly. We are so fortunate that we are able to live in our own little house on their land and get to spend extra time with them since we live about 50 yards away, but I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t taken some adjusting. We did not realize how spoiled we were to living near all of the necessities (Target, Kroger, Starbucks, etc.). On top of learning to live the country life, it’s been difficult to adjust to not having a “home”. Although we have our own space, it’s still not ours which has been challenging.

Talk about a whirlwind! The past two months have been super hectic for the two of us and I still feel like my head is spinning. We got extremely lucky and have been able to customize every single detail of our new home (except like floorplan and stuff) as if we built it from the ground up. The process has been so much fun and a teensy bit stressful.

Our new house is being built by the fabulous Vintage Construction Group out of Shreveport, LA. We have been so lucky to work with such kind, patient people throughout the entire process. The amazing Jenny Johnston of Jenny Johnston Interiors has been my right hand lady in helping me select all of the finishes and details for the house. We have been to multiple meetings to select cabinets, flooring, lighting, hardware, granite, and even doorbells (no detail goes unnoticed!). It has been so comforting to have someone at these meetings to keep me in budget (Lord knows I need it) and to give her expert advice.

We’re mostly going for a transitional theme for our house which is basically just a mix of traditional and contemporary. We’re going for clean lines, neutral color palette with texture, while keeping the cozy feel of a traditional home. I’ll be sharing updates throughout the process but for now here are some samples of items we have picked!

Exterior: painted brick in White Dove by Sherwin Williams, cedar beams, painted dark grey bahama shutter and front door.

Interior: most walls will be Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams with white trim. Wood floor (top left), tile for bathrooms (top right), carpet for bedrooms (bottom left).

Kitchen: The kitchen will have white cabinets with champagne bronze hardware (example below) and quartz countertops (example below).


Wet Bar: white quartz countertop, mosiac tile backsplash (middle), cabinets Whale Gray by Benjamin Moore (left pic).


Master Bathroom: white marble counter top, brushed nickel hardware, tile on main floor (top left), tile on shower floor (top right of left photo), shower surround (bottom of left photo).

Guest Bathroom: floor tile (bottom), tub surround (grey tile), countertop (white speckled quartz)

Laundry Room: THIS IS MY FAVORITE! It will have painted ceramic tile (the blue and white pattern), white quartz countertop, and Sea Serpant cabinets (right).

We still have a long way to go but I thought it would be fun to document the process along the way! Thanks for following along!