H&M Athletic Tops

I have this weird thing where I will spend $$ on workout leggings and even sports bras (sometimes). But for some reason I do not like to spend a lot of money on workout tops. I’m also extremely picky about workout tops. Here are some of my preferences:

  • high neck
  • not too long
  • sweat wicking material
  • not form fitting

Recently, I’ve been shopping at H&M pretty frequently and randomly saw some cute workout tops one day while in the store. I bought one and now I own 7-8. They are at an amazing price point, are very on trend, and just all around the perfect workout top. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites for you guys to check out. I also uploaded a try-on on my Instagram stories, and saved it to my highlights, if you want to hear a little more about each one.


I’ve not tried any of their other workout clothes such as leggings, sports, bras, shorts, etc. I might pick some up next time I’m there to try them out for ya’ll. In the meantime if you snag any of these tops shoot me a message on Insta and let me know what you think 🙂

Happy Monday,

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