Friday Faves: Amazon Purchases

So a while back I did a “Five Friday Faves” post but then I thought, why should Friday get all of the fun? I decided to compile a list of my recent Amazon purchases that I thought you guys might be interested in. My husband and I LOVE Amazon (who doesn’t) so we order basically everything from there, so here goes…

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: This is not my first go around with Vital Protein. Last summer, a friend of mine told me about them and I decided to give it a try. I tried one of the flavored ones and it was disgusting. Maybe it was just the flavor I purchased, but I couldn’t even stomach the smell. I recently bought the unflavored version to put in my coffee every morning (still skeptical that it would change the taste) and VOILA, zero flavor! I’ve been putting it in my coffee every morning, for the past week, and so far the only noticeable difference is with my nail strength, which I definitely need. I’m also doing intermittent fasting where I do not eat until 11:00am each day and I feel like this helps me stay full in the mornings.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Coop Home Goods – Adjustable Loft Pillow: If you are in the market for a new pillow you have to check this one out! We purchased one for Nick a while back after he was having some trouble sleeping. Since we already have memory foam pillows I didn’t think I needed one. Fast forward to now and I started having trouble sleeping and getting comfortable when trying to go to sleep. I decided to buy one and test it out and am in love! I’ve started sleeping harder and not waking up in the middle of the night to adjust my pillow. It is completely customizable and comes with directions on foam usage depending on what type of sleeper you are (back, stomach, side). It’s definately worth the price, which is much cheaper than other brands that claim to do the same thing.

Under Sink Expandable Shelf Organizer: Moving into a new house can be overwhelming when trying to organize the kitchen. It’s like you want to organize every single thing, but you end up just throwing stuff in a cabinet and not noticing it until months later. This is exactly what happened with our cleaning supplies in our old house. So this time around I decided to purchase one of these, (only $22), and test it out. It makes everything visible and within arms reach. Also, it might force you to go through all of those cleaning supplies you never use 🙂

Bamboo In Drawer Knife Block: This one is pretty self-explanatory. I wanted our countertops in our new house to be as clutter free as possible. I’ve never liked the sight of any knife block we’ve ever had. In our new house, we have a lot of drawer and storage space so I thought why not put it in the drawer. I am going to need to buy another one because we have some specialty knives that do not fit in this one, but overall, it’s serving it’s purpose.

Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer: I am obsessed with these things. We had one in our old house that we used for spatulas and small kitchen gadgets. Previously we had a silicone one for our utensils. This one from Amazon is amazing, it’s big, very durable, and at $24, a great price. The ones at Bed Bath & Beyond are $40 or more.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading some of my recent Amazon purchases! Hopefully, some of these items can help you get organized, sleep better, and have great skin in the new year. I love doing these kinds of posts so if you want to see more like this then leave a comment below. Everything is linked above, and as always it would be much appreciated if you guys used my links if you decide to buy any of these items 🙂



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