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This post has been a long time coming and with all of the traveling I did this past summer and the future trips I have coming up, I thought it would be fun to put together my tried and true travel products. I like to stay super organized while traveling but also like to have everything I need. Nothing is more devastating than getting on vacation and realizing you forgot a phone cord, am I right?! Let’s get into it:

Nylon Charging Cable: Speaking of phone cords..I know this may seem silly but picture this (because I know I’m not the alone on this): You arrive to the hotel or AirBNB, get all settled in bed for the night, ready to browse Instagram before going to sleep (even though you know it’s bad for you), your phone is on 10%, and the nearest outlet is NOT conveniently located to your cozy spot in the bed. This has happened to me more than once so I finally got this amazing 6 ft. charging cord. Trust me, you need this one.

Packing Cubes – Set of 6: I have seen multiple bloggers use theses and decided to give them a try. GAME CHANGER. Talk about being able to fit WAY more clothes than normal. Just beware: although it saves space, the items still weigh the same..so weigh your suitcase accordingly to avoid an irritated husband at the airport.

Clear Toiletry Bags: I am a freak about being organized while I travel, especially when it comes to toiletries. I like my hair products in one, face products in another, medicine in one, you get the point. Although these aren’t the exact ones I have, they are very similar. These are great because they have a flat bottom and can stand up on their own so your products aren’t spilling all over the bathroom counter.

TIP: Keep travel sized everything in your toiletry bags ready to go at all times. I even buy some of my makeup products in travel size.

Trtl Travel Pillow: We can all thank the queen Heather McMahan for introducing the world to Trtl Travel Pillows. I can’t stand those big bulky ones that they sell in the airport so I was very excited to find one that is much more compact. This one is hard to explain, but read the reviews, watch the videos, and you (and your neck) can thank me later.

Portable Power Bank: I’m way behind the game on getting one of these. This one came recommended by my dear husband. It holds a ton of charge and is small, perfect, and portable. Between my phone, Airpods, and iPad I was in desperate need of an extra charge.

Vital Protein Travel Sticks: I put Vital Proteins in my coffee every single morning and was not willing to give that up while traveling. I love these travel sticks to throw in my purse even when I’m not traveling! I also love taking these Liquid I.V. travel sticks with me for those mornings when the glass of wine somehow turned into the entire bottle the night before…

New Orleans, LA | Weekend Getaway

Slippers: Let’s get one thing straight. Hotel room floors are gross. If you haven’t been traveling with slippers, you are missing out. As someone who rarely wears socks (unless working out which I’m typically not doing on vacation) I never have anything to put on my feet in hotel rooms/AirBnb’s. There’s just something about putting on slippers while traveling that feels extra cozy.

Travel Wrap: I’m not sure I’ll ever travel without this again. Something that can serve as a wrap, scarf, and blanket? Sign me up! The perfect weight and so cute to elevate any travel outfit.

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading my favorite travel items! Listed below are some of the runner ups that I also travel with but do not necessarily consider a MUST:

  • Adjustable Eye Mask – (I know, it looks like a tiny training bra)
  • Travel Makeup Train Case – holds SO much and has adjustable dividers.
  • Ice Roller – I do not leave home without this!
  • Allbirds – these are perfect for travel. Don’t let the word ‘wool’ freak you out, they are super breathable.
  • Reversible Tote – I love using a large tote instead of an actual purse and this one is a great price.
  • Airpods – I rarely leave home without these. If you have been on the fence, I promise you they are worth it.

I still have quite a few upcoming trips between bachelorette parties, out of town weddings, and weekend trips with friends. If you have any must have travel items, leave a comment and let me know!


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