About Me

Hi, I’m Celesta! I’m 27 years old, born and raised in the great state of Louisiana. I am married (little over a year) to my amazing husband Nick. We have two sweet pups, Case (Brittney Spaniel) and Cooper (Morkie-Poo). We are both proud alumni of Louisiana Tech University where you will find us tailgating during football season. During my spare time, between my full-time job as a School Psychologist and this blog, I enjoy spending time with my friends, trying new restaurants with Nick, shopping, cooking (occasionally), hosting parties, and traveling. Some of my favorite things in the world are an excellent cocktail, a good sale, and spending quality time with MY people.

Carried Away is an idea that has been circulating in my head for a few months now. After some much-needed encouragement from others, I decided to go for it. I noticed that there were many times when friends and family would compliment a shirt I was wearing or a beauty product I was using, and I got great joy out of saying, “Thanks! I got it at _____”. I also love to share a good sale with anyone who will listen. So I thought, why not share with more than just family and friends?!  And that is how Carried Away came to fruition. I thought this blog would also be a good way for our families and friends to keep up with us since we do not see them all the time, and it seems fun!

Carried Away is a lifestyle blog comprised of style resources, beauty tips, home decor, cooking, books, and whatever else I’m feeling at the moment. So expect a little bit of everything!

Most importantly, I love to see others feel great about themselves. I hope that Carried Away will be a place where people visit and leave feeling a little more inspired than when they arrived.